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Additional Information

Manufacturer Arai
Manufacturer ID 85180-main
Gender Men, Women
Fit Normal product size
Area of application Motorcycle
Season Trans-seasonal article
Colour White, Red, Blue
Lining can be removed for washing? Yes
Type of closure Double D closure
Features Aerodynamic shape, Large field of vision
Visor Clear
Delivery contents 1 Piece

Full Face Helmet RX-7V Hayden WSBK Arai

Penetration tested

All Arai helmets are always designed and tested for protection against penetration, although this is not required in the current European standard ECE 22-05. The Arai Penetration Test is performed with a 3kg, pointed test specimen dropped onto the helmet from a height of 3 meters.

Smooth shape, better accident protection

The smooth outer shell of an Arai helmet was developed in this form, so that the helmet in the event of an accident as possible without resistance to glide over obstacles. The goal is to generate as few rotational forces as possible by twisting. This is also the reason why all Arai ventilation elements are always designed and mounted in such a way that they detach themselves from the helmet in the event of an accident without resistance.

Organic form

In the shape of its outer shells, Arai always focuses on the natural, organic shape of the human head. This minimizes air turbulence, improves comfort and is visually attractive.

Washable interior

The premium quality of the materials used in the interior design basically allows an Arai helmet to be cleaned wet with lukewarm water and mild soap.

Hard outer shell, soft inner shell

Arai uses a hard outer shell to distribute striking impact energy in the event of an accident, and then pick up a softer inner shell for the remaining residual energy. The unique, one-piece EPS inner shell used here combines up to 5 different densities of the material in just one shell.

Double-D closure

The flat double-D closure gently adapts to the user's head without disturbing. No moving parts, no susceptibility to rust, an always accurately tightened chin strap and the impossibility of self-opening are convincing arguments for this closure type.

Different sized outer shells

Unlike other helmet manufacturers Arai built for safety reasons in most models for each two helmet sizes its own outer shell. As a result, and through the different Arai models, each user will find exactly the helmet that suits and pleases him personally.

Comfort for every day

Comfort for every day is achieved through the combination of organic shapes of the shell and customizable fit of the upholstery. High-quality textile materials and effective ventilation complete the picture. With a perfect balance and low center of gravity construction, Arai helmets are designed to be worn for a long time without tiring or compromising the user.

Made by hand

It takes up to 5 years before an Arai employee acquires the right to make an outer shell. Twenty-seven steps and about 18 hours of work are needed to create a perfect Arai helmet.

Five quality tests

Each individual Arai helmet goes through five separate quality checks during the different production phases. After the outer shell has been made, after painting or applying the decoration, after assembly and in two further intermediate steps in production.

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