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Motorcycle gear used to be made of leather. Initially, the motorcycle clothing consisted of a leather coat or a leather jacket. Later on, leather pants and leather boots were available as well. Leather suits weren’t introduced to a larger audience until much later. The 2-piece leather suit - consisting of motorcycle pants fastened to the motorcycle jacket by means of a zipper - was soon followed by the 1-piece leather suit. 1-piece leather suits are fine when it’s cold. However, in the summer, 1-piece leathers have the disadvantage that you cannot simply remove the top when you stop for a coffee. Apart from the fact that the jacket and the pants of 2-piece leather suits can be worn separately, 2-piece motorbike leathers have the additional advantage that you can order the jacket in a different size than the leather pants. Thus motorbike leathers can be fitted to the requirements of the individual biker. Therefore, the 2-piece leather suit is the ideal outfit for everyday use whereas more ambitious bikers prefer 1-piece leathers. Admittedly, leather suits aren’t cheap to come by. But don’t forget that the money invested in a leather suit is really well invested. Leathers are made of a rugged, high-quality material and will last you a long time. Most motorbike leather suits are made of calf leather, a material which is extremely soft and flexible. In terms of safety, much has been done on the motorcycle clothing market. Improvements and new developments have found their way into mass production. Today, protectors are an integral part of quality leathers. Some leather suits even have a high-quality back protector already sewn in. Motorbike leather suits are still very popular among bikers as an alternative to non-leather suits made of textiles. Though not waterproof like most modern motorcycle textiles, it’s the smell, look and feel which makes a leather suit something special and extremely comfortable to wear