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Motorcycle boots & shoes - buy cheap motorbike boots at your motorcycle online shop

Besides the motorcycle pants, jacket, helmets like full face helmets or flip-up helmets and gloves, motorcycle boots or motorcycle shoes are another important piece of the motorcycle gear. Even if it is much more comfortable or easier to drive with normal outdoor shoes you should never do so. Motorcycle boots not only provide a much better protection in case of an accident, they also ensure that braking and gear changing is carried out much more smoothly thus improving the riding style. Depending on where you want to use them, motorcycle boots can be divided into the following categories: Casual, racing, touring and chopper boots. Today most motorbike boots are made of leather with rubber soles. The leather can be supplemented with newer materials like Gore-Tex. Modern motorbike boots are an indispensible piece of equipment for every motorcyclist. Thanks to their highly sophisticated design the foot is protected at all critical areas: the heel, toes, ankle, and shin. On the road the motorcycle boot should give you great grip in mud, water, sand and oil. Moto24 offers a large variety of high-quality motorcycle boots and motorcycle shoes. Browse through our online shop. We not only stock motorbike boots made by Daytona or Dainese, but also other high-quality motorbike shoes and boots made by well-known manufacturers. All motorcycle boots and motorcycle shoes on offer come up to the latest quality standards. We don’t want our customers to experience unpleasant surprises while riding their bike (e.g. have you ever got your shoelaces stuck on the gear shift?). Therefore, only quality boots will leave our shop.