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Motorcycle tank bags - order your high quality motorbike tank bag online at

A tank bag – sometimes also referred to as motorcycle tank rucksack –serves to transport your luggage on a motorcycle. Motorcyclists can choose from a wide variety of forms and shapes. There are magnetic tank bags and tank bags that are attached by straps or quick-lock fittings. Magnetic tank bags can, of course, only be mounted on a steel tank. Quick-lock tank bags are attached to a horseshoe-shaped adapter that is screwed to the fuel tank cap. You don’t have to fasten the bag by straps. A tank bag is not only a very convenient and practical form of motorcycle luggage it can also be extremely helpful on long drives: Some quick-lock tank bags are equipped with a power supply, a GPS pocket and map illumination so that bike tours are much easier and more comfortable. Depending on the tank shape and the needs of the individual biker, motorcycle tank bags are available in various forms and volumes. Thanks to manufacturers such as SW-Motech, Hepco & Becker, GIVI or Held, you can choose from a variety of tank bag systems at discount prices which can be used with nearly all types of tanks regardless of material or shape. And the development of these practical little pieces of motorcycle luggage is far from being over.