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2 full face helmets or 2 flip-up helmets

Top box - buy a motorcycle top case for your bike at

The top case is very popular among motorcycle and scooter riders. Top cases are an extremely safe way to transport your luggage on a motorcycle or scooter. Whether it's the daily shopping, the rain gear or a briefcase, a top box provides ample space. In general, top cases can be locked so that all valuables are protected against theft. Top cases – also referred to as top boxes – are available in many designs and shapes: From a small scooter top box, to a large motorcycle top case that can hold two full-face helmets, to aluminum top cases that can be used for tours in the desert, the motorcycle luggage market offers everything a biker might need. We offer high quality topcases of renowned manufacturers, such as Hepco & Becker, GIVI, and SW-Motech. Our top case store also stocks the matching rear racks and aluminium racks, and a large assortment of accessories, such as backrests, inner bags and top box rails. Basically, there are two groups of top cases: universal top cases and model-specific top cases. Universal top cases or boxes come with an adapter plate. The adapter plate must be mounted on the motorcycle or scooter. Model-specific top boxes require special rear racks or aluminum racks. Manufacturers such as GIVI and Hepco & Becker offer a wide variety of carrier systems so that every Jack will find his Jill, i.e. there is a top case rack for every motorcycle. We at moto24 offer premium top cases at low to moderate prices. Not sure which scooter or motorcycle top box or case system to choose? We can help you pick the right motorcycle luggage system for your motorcycle or scooter.