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Additional Information

Manufacturer Van Mell
Manufacturer ID 304
Type Cleaning product
Range of use Visor
Area of application Universal
Contents 50ml
Delivery contents 1 Piece

Van Mell Visor Cleaner (50ml)

Perhaps the most important product of all. Because, when you have cared for your bike with Van Mell, you want to look through a completely clear visor - without anything at all obstructing the vision between you and your shiny, super looking bike. No streaks, no bluebottles, no dirt. Van Mell Visor Cleaner will give you clear vision in a flash. Without any solvents or oily residues - and on any surface. On a purely mineral basis, it solves the problem of insects without creating one for allergy sufferers. With clear vision, the road ahead also looks better. But - at the next red traffic lights - take a look at what you're riding: shiny super looking.

Isn't that great?
We're stirred up too. But, by the way, always give the product a good shake prior to use.

Let's be clear here:
Apply generously to the dirty areas, leave the Van Mell Visor Cleaner for a short time to take effect and wipe off any residue with a fleece cloth or sponge. Rinse off with water, dry - and ready to go. Subsequently seal with Van Mell Visor Protect if you want to keep that clear view for longer.

Give it a try!

Why Van Mell?

Because you love your bike
Really? Because if you really do, you really need Van Mell. If you love your bike so much that you care for it with dedicated affection and want it always to be immaculately clean. To such an extent that your bike is a real stunner amongst bikes. And what kind of dream machine you love doesn't matter to us at all. It just needs to feel like a bike.

Brilliant bike care!
Brake dust! Pollen! Or any other indescribable flying objects! Whatever your bike may attract and accumulate, Van Mell can respond accordingly. Because Van Mell has eight strong arguments against dirt, ageing and such stuff - and these arguments have been converted into convincing products. Take a look under "Products" to find out more. Every single product serves a dual purpose - good for your bike, and good for the environment too.

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